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Market Cap
Last 7 Days
Bitcoin BTC




733.65% Daily: 2.01%

Ethereum ETH




781.1% Daily: 2.14%

Tether USDT




894.25% Daily: 2.45%

Litecoin LTC




1065.8% Daily: 2.92%

Bitcoin Cash BCH




1047.55% Daily: 2.87%





908.85% Daily: 2.49%





949% Daily: 2.6%

Dogecoin DOGE




992.8% Daily: 2.72%

Tron TRX




1087.7% Daily: 2.98%

Binance Coin BNB




886.95% Daily: 2.43%

How do I use my wallet?
Digital Keeper is based on the secure messenger Telegram. It's available on your devices:
If you already use the messenger Telegram, you can start working with the purse by clicking on the link:

Open Wallet

Popular Questions

What is the Digital Keeper Bot?

It is an eco-system that provides the ability to work with blockchain networks through a simplified interface. You can receive, send and earn cryptocurrency through our service @DigitalKeeperBot powered by .

How to create a wallet?

Multicurrency crypto-purse is based on . You need to follow the link @DigitalKeeperBot and click "/start" in the opening bot. Your personal wallet is successfully created.

What can the Digital Keeper Bot do?

You can receive, send and earn cryptocurrency. To do this, you need to select the appropriate section in our service @DigitalKeeperBot.

Is this wallet safe?

Client-side encryption means all of your data is encrypted on your device before any of your information touches our web servers. No server-side hacks and no malware = safe assets. Only you and you alone have access to control your cryptocurrency assets — the way it should be.

What is the minimum amount to received?

There is no minimum amount to receive digital assets on your wallet.

What is the minimum amount to send?

The minimum amount to send from your wallet is set to avoid spam transactions on blockchain networks and to ensure confident delivery of assets. Minimum amounts are: BTC 0.0004, ETH 0.005, LTC 0.06, TRX 17, BCH 0.066, DASH 0.06, DOGE 40, USDT 1, USDC 1.

What is the minimum amount of staking?

Staking is available from: BTC 0.001, ETH 0.01, LTC 0.2, TRX 170, BCH 0.1, DASH 0.3, DOGE 140, USDT 10, USDC 10.

When will I receive profit from cryptocurrency staking?

Profit is accrued daily from the moment of activation or increase of the amount of staking for a period of 365 days from the moment of initial activation. Profits are credited to your wallet balance. After 365 days, all funds are returned to your wallet.
For example: After 30 days, you decide to increase the amount of BTC staking. The amount increased, the period of work will be 335 days instead of 365 days.

Can I earn if I invite a friend?

Yes. Our system has a loyalty program "My Team". You receive a percentage of 5%-3%-1% from 3 levels of your partners for the operation of opening a steaking in our service by your partner. Be careful. Your partner has to register using your affiliate link. Otherwise you will not get the bonus.